1 dollar a day coaching course by Eran Bucai

1 dollar a day coaching course

Watch the following video that explains about this course. When done, read the information on this page before signing up.


Eran is awesome at being a online business mentor because he is transparent and genuine, and guide you to get results you put in work for. 
He truly wants to help you and takes a lot of time to get to know what your entrepreneurial needs are. 
I recently read his 21 Productivity & Hacks ebook and you can read his voice means well and for your efficiency. He motivates to keep grindin. 
I definitely recommend you reach out to him for your coaching needs and go from there!
Katy Ho
Eran is awesome! He is professional, knowledgeable, and personable. 
He quickly responds back to my messages and gives the best business advice. 
He is willing to jump on the phone or video chat to discuss questions or give advice. 
He is so helpful in every aspect of business. 
There is NO ONE else I would rather work with. 
I wouldn't be where I am today without him! He helped me land two clients in TWO days!
Darian Zastrow
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Personalized Path to Success

The course was created to give a step-by-step guidance for someone who wants to have an internet business and make money online.
These fundamentals apply to any business. 
And there custom approach to every individual. 
This course was designed to give you BOTH. 
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Business Basics Video Series

The second module of this coaching course (right after the introduction) is a Business Basics Video Series. These are a series of videos I recorded, between 20 to 60 minutes each with me downloading all the business knowledge I have acquired in my time as an entrepreneur and from reading dozens of business books. 
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Unlimited support, explained

This course does not offer a coaching call with me. However, it does offer unlimited email and messenger support throughout the course. What does it mean exactly?

You can email me ANYTIME with questions and I will answer fast. I will answer directly on the email. Or I will send a YouTube video that answers this question, or record a video just for you, or write a blog on this exact topic, or some such. It will be a complete answer so you are not in the dark in any way. Some things I may not know, and I will do my absolute best to get you the answer. 

You will never ever feel on your own throughout this course. 
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What will this course not cover?

This course will not cover things that I do not personally know or experienced. Although, there are things in this course that I am not an expert at, but I know other experts and through my personal connections and Rolodex I can give you the right recommendations to solve any problem or question that might arise in this coaching process and video course. 
I don't know everything. No one does. 
But I am committed to finding out the answers and helping you achieve success. 
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Go ahead and take a look at the extensive amount of content you will be able to go through. If you scroll down it is everything with a dark background. When done, will address some frequently asked questions.

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Course Contents - you can just scroll through the page and see how long the dark background goes for... that's the size of the course

Purpose of the course:
Affiliate links
Who is this training for?
Expected result:
Overview: Make Money Online Coaching Course
50 mins
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind - T Harv Eker
57 mins
Dot Com Secrets
Expert Secrets
PDF download (after books purchase)
Millionaire Booklet (Audible)
21 productivity tips and hacks eBook
473 KB
Bonus video: Warren Buffet & Bill Gates - Focus
1 min
Bonus video: Steve Jobs, focus is about saying no
4 mins
Bonus video: Steve Jobs, passion
2 mins
Bonus video: Grant Cardone, how fast are you monetizing your ideas?
2 mins
Bonus Video: Mark Cuban, about business loans and effort
3 mins
Bonus video: Jeff Bezos. Do something you are very passionate about
3 mins
Bonus video: Jeff Bezos. Passions choose you
1 min
Introduction section: Quiz
Optional: Pre-Consultation Questionnaire
Business Basics Video Series
Welcome video - Online Entrepreneurship Coaching
9 mins
Business Basics Video Series: Introduction
Whiteboard Welcome video
40 mins
The Wrong Goal you're being sold on
9 mins
Knowing your numbers (practical)
9 mins
Consumer vs Marketer, the difference
13 mins
Personalized path to success
32 mins
Personalized path to success whiteboard.JPG
1.86 MB
Making Money Online & Types of Business
17 mins
Making money online and types of biz whiteboard.JPG
1.78 MB
Active vs Passive income
17 mins
Active vs passive income.JPG
1.02 MB
Your story is where the money is
(1h 00m 48s)
Your story is your money my entrepreneurial story whiteboard.JPG
1.7 MB
Subscription, repeat customers; lifetime value of a customer
11 mins
The Value Ladder
22 mins
Value ladder whiteboard.JPG
1.78 MB
Multiple Streams of Income
24 mins
Multiple streams of income whiteboard.JPG
1.64 MB
Joint Venture and Leverage
19 mins
Blue Ocean platform whiteboard.JPG
2.02 MB
1000 true fans
16 mins
1000 true fans whiteboard.JPG
1.61 MB
Sales Funnel vs Website
14 mins
Sales Funnel vs website whiteboard.JPG
1.28 MB
Blue Ocean Strategy
17 mins
Blue Ocean Strategy whiteboard.JPG
1.61 MB
Platform Vs Pyramid
16 mins
PLatform pyramid whiteboard.JPG
1.67 MB
Blue Ocean Platform (short)
11 mins
Blue Ocean Platform (long)
19 mins
Getting Started with Content Marketing
24 mins
Content Marketing whiteboard.JPG
1.82 MB
Getting Started with Content Marketing eBook.pdf
7.33 MB
30 mins
Traffic Whiteboard.JPG
1.85 MB
Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing
16 mins
Network Marketing whiteboard.JPG
1.68 MB
Completion message: Business Basics Video Series
High income skills training.mp4
30 mins
Online Marketing Lingo and Terminology
Introduction to Online Marketing Lingo and Terminology
What is the Internet?
4 mins
Where is the internet stored?
6 mins
What is a Domain name?
2 mins
What is a sub-domain?
4 mins
Domain vs Website
3 mins
What is Website Hosting?
3 mins
What is DNS?
4 mins
What is a cookie?
5 mins
Front & Back end, explained
4 mins
5 Elements of a Successful Online Business
7 mins
What is an affiliate link?
5 mins
Digital Marketing Glossary
2.7 MB
Understanding and Choosing Your Business Model
Choosing your business model whiteboard.JPG
1.77 MB
Choosing Your Business Model
20 mins
Going through the free PDF.mp4
16 mins
Funnelytics, map out value ladder.mp4
29 mins
Social Media Marketing Agency
9 mins
Dropshipping / Shopify Partner
8 mins
Print-On-Demand tutorial
16 mins
Creating an Expert Business
High Income Skills
High income skills whiteboard.JPG
2.13 MB
High income skills training.mp4
30 mins
How Fast Are You Monetizing Your Ideas.mp4
2 mins
Coding, Web Design, Video Editing, Software Development, and LOTS more
6 mins
Choosing your platform: Domain, Hosting, Website, Funnel
Choosing your platforms whiteboard.JPG
2.05 MB
Choosing your platforms training.mp4
28 mins
What platform to choose - summary
How to Choose a Great Domain Name
3 mins
3 Ways to Use a Domain Name
3 mins
URL Type-In
1 min
Domain + Hosting purchase
Starting and Planning a Website
3 mins
API Explainer video.mp4
4 mins
Clickfunnels - Explainer Video Production by ExplainVid.mp4
4 mins
Click Funnels - Explainer.mp4
4 mins
Blog: Website and funnel options
Customer Acquisition Secrets
Selling on Facebook Messenger Secrets
(1h 57m 47s)
Facebook Free Clients Acquisition Secrets
11 mins
Instagram prospecting (customer acquisition) secrets
10 mins
Instagram $1.80 strategy (Gary V)
5 mins
Instagram DMs demo (Jasmine Star)
14 mins
LinkedIn profile optimization [over the shoulder training]
44 mins
Website / funnel review and proposal [over the shoulder tutorial]]
30 mins
Website & Funnel Design Proposal [Over the shoulder Tutorial]
(1h 38m 48s)
Email Marketing
What Is SMTP?
4 mins
What is the Difference Between POP and IMAP.mp4
4 mins
What is an Email Alias.mp4
3 mins
What Is An Email Client.mp4
3 mins
Why gmail, gmail tour.mp4
10 mins
What Is Webmail.mp4
3 mins
GetResponse sign up walkthrough onboarding with Karen.mp4
44 mins
Email Marketing Open Rates and Engagement Hacks.mp4
20 mins
Sending a newsletter email.mp4
14 mins
Online Courses
60 mins
56 mins
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Programs Introduction
Affiliate Marketing Training.mp4
(1h 11m 30s)
Affiliate Marketing Training whiteboard.JPG
2.38 MB
Managing Affiliate Links [link shortener]
5 mins
How to do Affiliate Marketing for Grant Cardone
27 mins
Sunny Landing Pages Affiliate Program
3 mins
Lurn Affiliate Program
5 mins
How To Properly Upload Videos To YouTube [tutorial].mp4
16 mins
How To Create FREE High Converting Sales & Landing Page (over the shoulder) [Sunny Landing Pages].mp4
59 mins
Podia Affiliate Program sign up (course-only).mp4
11 mins
PLR products as marketing tactics, how to spot affiliate links.mp4
12 mins
Wealthy Affiliate - objective review [from ex paid member].mp4
27 mins
JV page My Freelance PayCheck.mp4
12 mins
Quora Marketing tutorial.mp4
19 mins
JVZoo marketing made simple [Sunny Landing Pages Tutorial].mp4
10 mins
JV Zoo JV page VideoMax tutorial course only.mp4
5 mins
Viddyoze JV page.mp4
11 mins
Creating a _bridge page_ for an affiliate offer_ [JV Zoo & Sunny Landing Pages].mp4
22 mins
ClickBank Universrity JV overview (course-only).mp4
10 mins
YouTube Marketing 1 HOUR [over the shoulder].mp4
(1h 00m 26s)
YouTube Marketing 1 HOUR Over the Shoulder Quiz
Mindset / motivation / limiting beliefs
Motivation/mindset/limiting beliefs: What this section is about?
Your Life is Better with Money- Grant Cardone.mp4
3 mins
What it Takes to be Successful.mp4
3 mins
Heres why youre wasting your life away Muhammad Ali.mp4
3 mins
MOTIVATION for Winners (Top CEO Reveals ALL).mp4
3 mins
How Grant Cardone Handled Depression - GrantCardoneTV.mp4
56 mins
How I Saved Myself from Drugs at 25yrs Old - Grant Cardone.mp4
3 mins
Online Resources
Images / pictures online


Do I actually get a coach talking to me on the phone throughout the course?

This course was created to accomodate for lower budget individuals who cannot afford my complete 12 months coaching program.
However, I am giving away a ton of digital content to help you succeed and will be answering your questions on email or messenger in extreme detail to help you succeed. 

Can I pay to have a coach later, if I change my mind?

The cost is $300 USD for your first call, and $150 USD for any additional calls. You can also apply for the full 12 months coaching which is 1 call every 2 weeks for $1997.
Sometime through the course you decide you want a coaching, you can email support@eranbucai.com to apply. 

Do you offer refund if I'm not happy with the course?

100% NO. Your time is non-refundable. My time is non-refundable. If either of us are going to spend time working together, even if you are going to just do the course without any coaching, you are putting your time to use my content and my information. If you have any doubts that you may want a refund, DO NOT BUY. No hard feelings. I only want people who are 100% committed. 
To help you get certain about the decision you can:
- Schedule a free consult with me
- Review all my social media content, posts, website, and testimonials so you know who you are going to work with and learn from
- You can always preview the entire first section of this course to see what you think
If by the end of all that you don't want to sign up, don't. No hard feelings. Commit to this 100% or don't commit at all.

Can I find this information for free elsewhere?

If you ask me, absolutely. In my opinion, the truth is that EVERYTHING that you you might pay for online in terms of education or courses, is probably available somewhere completely for free on YouTube or Google or elsewhere. The trick the time you are going to waste trying to find all this information on your own, when it can be all laid out for you step-by-step. Therefore investing in your own education can be a massive time saver for the fraction of the cost of what it would actually cost you to figure things out on your own.

How do I know I will be successful?

You don't. There are zero guarantees. You are 100% responsible for your success. And everything laid out in this course, and everything that we will lay out in the personalized strategy for you and your business will be done with the utmost honesty and integrity to give you the best chance of success. But ultimately, it is up to you to take all this knowledge, strategies and plans, and actually execute it.

Will the price go down if I wait?

The price is very unlikely to ever go down. To the contrary, I am more likely to continue and raise prices as time goes on due to increase value of my time as I get more experienced and successful.

Are there any upsells beyond the cost of this course?

Yes. I do offer more services beyond this. But thee are optional and according to your circumstances. There is no pressure or requirements for more. Additionally, there are other expenses that will be required as part of the course such as website, hosting, email autoresponder, and other expenses as per your circumstances and choice and stage of your business. For example, you might want to test out Facebook Ads. These are costs. Every business has costs, and overheads, and part of the strategy will be to make sure we have the right strategy so you are profitable.

Are there additional expenses as part of this course?

Yes there are. 
(a) There are recommended books that are absolutely musts for your success. I require you buy those. Example: Dot Com Secrets, Expert Secrets, Millionaire Booklet. There are also many other books that I recommend you listen to, and I do recommend you are on the Audible subscription so you do a book a month. Though we can discuss this on our calls.
(b) There are costs of running a business. Email autoresponder, website domain and hosting, paid advertising at some point, and so on. This will be done according do your budget to start with, so no matter where you are we can have a good starting point without breaking the bank.
(c) There are additional services that I provide as a freelancer, or outsourcing services that I recommend. These again will be done only based on personalized recommendation IF it is the right strategy for you.

Do I have to have any prior experience in online marketing or making money online?

No. You can be a total newbie who has no idea. But you have to be eager to learn and hungry to succeed. For complete newbies, there might be minimal discussions to start with, as you will simply need to consume educational content first in form of books and video training, and at the appropriate point we will do a more complete strategy once you have the fundamentals better understood.

What level of support do you offer?

My testimonials speak for themselves. I am obsessed with supporting my clients. Any of my clients are urged to send me email updates all the time, ask questions, keep in touch, and work with me. You have unlimited email support so long as you are on this coaching course until you are successful.

What if I still have questions?

No problem at all!

And no pressure. Send me an email to contact@eranbucai.com and I'll be glad to answer you.

You can also get on a free consultation with me to discuss anything else.

Book your call here.

Is the coaching face to face? Do I have to show up?

No. This course is available on any device. It is recommended you study this on a computer, with a notepad, and be able to implement as you go. 

I am ready to get started. How do I sign up?

Great! Simple click the link below that says: "Sign up for the coaching course" and it will take you to the checkout page so you can make the payment and get started right away.

Can I cancel the $30/month?

No. This is a payment plan, not a subscription. 

You are paying $360, but I am specifically offering it on a payment plan to make it affordable. You get my unlimited email support for throughout this course. 

And if you invested in my coaching call already, the whole point of making it a 12 months payment plan is because I know that success is not going to happen overnight. 

These 4 weeks bootcamps or 6-weeks launch etc are all marketing gimmicks. 
I want to keep it real with you. 

Let's work together seriously for 12 months and make an impact in your life.

I look forward to working with you!

You have a choice. Take action or do nothing. 

Do nothing, and nothing will change. 

Take action, don't quit, and commit to your success.

Which will it be?
Sign up for 12-months coaching course now at $30/month