ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketing Course by Eran Bucai

ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketing Course

Although this is tailored for ClickFunnels affiliate, this course is applicable to ANY person wanted to make money through Affiliate Marketing.
Please watch the video to get a full outline of what this course is about, what it will cover, and how you will benefit from it.

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What's included?

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Why ClickFunnels?
Dot Com Secrets
Expert Secrets
Copywriting Secrets
ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Registration
One Funnel Away Challenge
Affiliate Marketing Training
How to use this course
What is an affiliate link?
5 mins
Affiliate Marketing Training
(1h 11m 30s)
Funnel templates, diagrams, cheatsheets
The most valuable part of this course
52.8 KB
Dot Com Secrets The Closes Worksheet.pdf
37.6 KB
Dot Com Secrets Research & Reverse Engineering Checklist.pdf
223 KB
Soap Email Sequence Worksheet.pdf
90 KB
Dot Com Secrets FrontEnd Funnels.pdf
1.3 MB
Seinfeld Prompts Worksheet.jpg
379 KB
Funnel Building Training Videos (over the shoulder)
Platform to create your funnel
Mapping out your funnel
9 mins
Creating your Opt-in page
29 mins
Creating your thank you page / bridge page
(1h 27m 25s)
Creating bonuses
Private Label Rights (PLR), services, resources and uses [training to get started]
10 mins
PLR products as marketing tactics, how to spot affiliate links
12 mins
Creating a bonus page (on Podia)
15 mins
Creating a bonus sales page (on Podia)
11 mins
Email Autoresponder: GetResponse
Promoting bonuses to warm market
13 mins
Email Autoresponder sequence (1 of 3)
18 mins
Email Autoresponder sequence (2 of 3)
18 mins
Email Autoresponder sequence (3 of 3)
9 mins
Getting Traffic / lead generation
Solo Ads
Affiliate Marketing promotion through social media
478 KB
Instagram: Gary V $1.80 strategy
5 mins
Instagram DMs demo (Jasmine Star)
14 mins
Final gifts
21 productivity tips and hacks eBook Eran Bucai.pdf
473 KB
19.6 MB
Getting Started with Content Marketing eBook.pdf
7.33 MB
Email Swipes + additional Affiliate Marketing training
85.3 KB