Eran Bucai Membership by Eran Bucai

Eran Bucai Membership

The membership was created to give a beginner in the "make money online" world a complete solution to succeed.
  • Online presence through website and sales funnel (EranFunnels)
  • Training tailored to take you by the hand and teach you what you need to know without breaking the bank with expensive courses
  • Coaching and support - actually having someone to talk to and get questions answered through personalized support
  • Option to leverage the membership by earning 50% commission through referring others to it, make it possible to build passive income 

Unlimited support, explained

This membership offers unlimited email and messenger support. 

What does it mean exactly?

You can email me ANYTIME with questions and I will answer fast. I will answer directly on the email. Or I will send a YouTube video that answers this question, or record a video just for you, or write a blog on this exact topic, or some such. It will be a complete answer so you are not in the dark in any way. Some things I may not know, and I will do my absolute best to get you the answer. 

You will never ever feel on your own as part of this membership. 
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The membership gives you access to 2 domains using EranFunnels. 

You can use both for your own use or give one away or charge a subscription for it yourself directly.

This will be the home of your personal brand and sales funnels for a fraction of the price of what you would get elsewhere.

Everything you see on the right comes with each domain.
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Business Basics Video Series (included free)

The second module of the coaching course is a Business Basics Video Series. These are a series of videos I recorded, between 20 to 60 minutes each with me downloading all the business knowledge I have acquired in my time as an entrepreneur and from reading dozens of business books. 
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$1 a day coaching course (included)

The $1/day coaching course is a complete course for a complete beginner to learn how to online world really works, gain the basics required to succeed online, and figure out their path to success as an online entrepreneur. 

This complete course costs $360 paid over 12 instalments of $30/month, hence the $1 a day coaching course name. It is included as part of the membership.

Here is the introduction video for this course showing in detail the content and philosophy behind it all. This is a 50 minutes training video.
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Do you provide a coaching call as part of this?

If you sign up for the monthly plan, no.

If you sign up for the annual plan, you will receive a personal onboarding call with myself. 

You will be able to purchase a 1-on-1 coaching call for a discounted price as soon as you sign up for the membership.

What is unlimited support mean?

I will always do what I need to support my clients. 

I am readily available through email and messenger to answer questions anytime. 

When you build your first website/funnel, you want to get a critique? Send me the link and I'll have a look.

Got a question about a software for your online business and want honest advise? Write to me.

I make myself available directly to my members.

Unlimited means message or email me anytime. I am super responsive.

What if I want to get my website/funnel done by your team?

That can be done. The pricing starts at $697. 

I will talk to you directly to figure out what you need and outline the requirements. 

A funnel builder from my team will do the work to get you set up.

You will receive a custom quote once we speak.

Do you offer refunds?

No, I do not. If you have any doubts, please keep your money to yourself. No hard feelings. 

And take your time to do your due diligence on me and this offer without any pressure or countdown timers. 

Do what is right by you.

Can I cancel the subscription anytime?

Yes, you can. This is a subscription that goes infinitely, but you can cancel anytime. 

I will warn you though if you have your website/funnel set up with EranFunnels, the cancellation means your website/funnel will go offline. 

This is not just a membership, but a real website/sales funnel hosting service included.

What happens if I pay annual and choose to cancel sometime in the coming 12 months?

As soon as you pay for the annual plan, you are getting access to digital courses that I sell for that price on their own. 

The first year of payment is delivered to you from the moment you make the purchase. 

The fact that you get EranFunnels and my support for the coming year is a bonus. That's how I structured the offer.

 Therefore, once you pay for the annual plan, you cannot refund it. 

You can cancel the subscription so you are not charged for the second year. 

You will maintain access to the courses in full even after cancellation (i.e. lifetime access). 

You will lose access to my 1-on-1 support and to EranFunnels software access.

What happens if I cancel the monthly subscription?

You will lose access to everything immediately. Training, software, and support.

What if I don't want to cancel, but I need to put my membership on hold?

Email me to and explain the situation to put your membership on hold or figure out some other solution according to your circumstances. 

Are there any upsells?

Yes, there are upsells, downsells, cross-sells, etc. I have a lot of products and services.

None of these are mandatory or are required for you to succeed. 

Examples of upsells:
- If you want my team to build your website.
- If you want additional 1-on-1 coaching sessions with myself

Some people may want these, some may not. Either way, it is not a requirement.

What if I already paid $297 for the client acquisition course?

If you already paid for the client acquisition course at the $297 price but you want to be a member, please email me to and you will be given a $100/year discount code. 

That means your subscription for the membership will be $297/year.

(If you paid for the client acquisition when it was still in beta for $125, there will not be a discount on the annual premium plan).

What if I want to use Kartra or ClickFunnels instead of EranFunnels?

I am an affiliate of Kartra and ClickFunnels. In the chance that you prefer to pay for Kartra or ClickFunnels, I have a special offer where you can get this membership access for a heavily discounted price or even free. Send me an email to to discuss.

Choose the plan

Both plans are GREAT. 
Just the access to EranFunnels for $40/month is a steal. Compare that to having to sign up to ClickFunnels for $97/month or Kartra for $99/month. You are getting a great deal.  

Making an annual commitment makes my life easier, and therefore I want to give the best possible offer. This is the better deal for a reason.
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Thank you for reading thus far. Lets get you started!

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