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I provide website design services using Shopify, Podia, WordPress, GrooveFunnels, Kartra, ClickFunnels, Kajabi, Eran Funnels or most other platforms.

A website job starts at $2,000 USD, however each job is different depending on specifications.

In some cases, this is the full amount for the job, and in some cases it is the deposit.

In some cases the job is cheaper as well, at which point I will provide you with a specific coupon code to get a discount.

Every job is quoted differently.

For example, course creation take a lot more work than creating a basic funnel. 

Designing a website on Podia is not as time-consuming and requires less technical skills and so this would ordinarily be under $2500 unless it includes the actual course creation too.

This page was simply created to have a simple way for you to pay with a credit card if you want to pay with a card.

Since I already have Stripe integration with my online store, I am simply using it to give you a way to make the payment.

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